YA Novels



Welcome to the strange mountain foothills town of Hawthorn, where sixteen-year-old Harper Spurling finds herself increasingly obsessed with the diary of a local 1860s pioneer girl while a serial killer runs unchecked through the area, dumping his victims into the town’s dark river. As Harper’s curiosity leads her closer and closer to the killer, she’ll have to think fast or join the killer’s growing list of victims. Because in Hawthorn, a town built on sorrow, the barrier between life and death is as fragile as an old, forgotten skull.



Dark times have fallen on remote Balrog County, and Mack Druneswald, a high school senior with a love of clandestine arson, is doing his best to deal. While his family is haunted by his mother’s recent death, Mack spends his nights roaming the countryside, looking for something new to burn. When he encounters Katrina, a college girl with her own baggage, Mack sets out on a path of pyromania the likes of which sleepy Balrog County has never seen before.

A darkly comic tour-de-force, The Firebug of Balrog County is about legend, small towns, and the fire that binds.


Ragged New Cover

The Hollow is a peaceful village, a farming backwater among the free cities of the Western Lands, but when a local girl named Penelope Bell is kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night, that peace is shattered. Unwilling to accept the loss of Penelope, a young striker named Gabriel Rain joins Penelope’s brother and sister on a quest to bring her home. Their journey takes them across the dangerous Grasslands and as far as the legendary Ragged Mountains themselves, where they find themselves caught between two sides of a bloody war. Along the way, they face dark wizards, ancient gods, and discover that the Ragged Mountains always take as much as they yield.


Cover-Oppegaard-David-Breakneck-Cove-VBBreakneck Cove is a cozy, beach paradise tucked along the Oregon Coast, idyllic and private, but when a strange creature washes up on shore it triggers a violent chain of events that will change the lives of two boys forever.

A sci-fi novella in the classic tradition of authors such as Ray Bradbury and Walter Tevis, Breakneck Cove dredges the dark waters of youth and the unknown and returns with a new skeleton all its own. (Kindle only)

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