Blood Red Sky Now Available on Kindle Vella

I’ve just published my sci-fi YA novel Blood Red Sky on Kindle Vella, which is a new e-publishing format where parts of a story or novel are released incrementally. As I type this, the first half of the novel has already been published and the remainder will be released weekly until Sept. 11 2021. I’ve always loved this book though it never broke through into traditional publishing and I’m excited to see it available in the world. You can read the first three chapters for free before you need to buy Kindle Vella tokens to keep reading.

Sixteen-year-old Hash Owens, a survivor of a brutal childhood attack that left him with a cybernetic arm, finds himself stuck in afternoon detention with eleven other students on the day his planet is suddenly attacked by a malevolent alien race. As their school and city are rapidly destroyed, Hash and the other students in detention must band together in order to survive.

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