Claw Heart Mountain Sold to CamCat Books

I’m happy to announce we’ve sold my horror novel CLAW HEART MOUNTAIN to CamCat Books. This will be my 6th published novel and will be released (in hardcover, I believe) sometime in spring of 2023.

A big thank you to my friend and new literary agent, Dawn Frederick, at Red Sofa Literary, for facilitating the sale.

I’ve never taken getting published for granted, but after a five year gap in placing my work with a publisher, plus the pandemic, this one is a little extra sweet. There was a large swath of 2020 where I doubted, for the first time in my life, the value of writing fiction at all. It turns out even when the world drastically changes, the need for story, and (for me) the need to create a story, endures after all.


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